Early American Industries Association

Celebrating Trades, Crafts, and Tools in American History

and Their Impact on Our Lives

Research Grants

The Early American Industries Association supports projects related to our mission to preserve and present historic trades, crafts, and tools, and the interpretation of their impact on our lives.

Applications due March 15th of each year. Maximum individual grant of $2000. Awards are announced each April.

Grant application guidelines:

  • The project must relate to the purpose of the EAIA.

  • The total length of the application, including this form, may not exceed ten pages.

  • Successful applicants will be required to file a report on the project on -a form supplied by EAIA. The report must include a statement of expenditures and must be filed with the committee by March 15th the following year.

  • An abstract of the grantees research must be furnished with a report within 60 days of the scheduled completion of the funded work. -Within a year of completion, grantees will submit an article reflecting the research for publication in The Chronicle (quarterly journal) or Shavings (quarterly newsletter) of the EAIA.

  • One copy of the final form of the completed project must be deposited with the Research Grants Committee, whether or not the final form is published.

  • Official acknowledgment of the support of EAIA must be listed in any published material connected with the project.

  • A research grant may be used to supplement existing fellowships, scholarships, or other forms of aid. The grant is not to be used to reduce or substitute for such assistance.

  • A research grant will not exceed $2,000 and is not renewable.

  • A grant may not be used to pay for salaries, historical artifacts, software, or equipment in whole or in part.

  • Applicants are asked to give the names and addresses of their local newspapers so the Research Grants Committee can announce new grant recipients.

Applications may be downloaded here.

For information and applications contact: John H. Verrill, Executive Director, EAIA
P.O. Box 524
Hebron, MD 21830-0524